Conspiracy Check: Rothschilds

Nathaniel Philip Rothschild

Are the Rothschilds the richest family in the world? There is enough evidence to cause suspicion.

The Rothschild conspiracy is extensive and spans several hundred years. Some claim they funded both sides of World War One, some claim they created the federal reserve as a way of indebting the most powerful people in the world. While it is commonly stated they lost most of their fortune through catastrophic investment blunders, some of their recent activity indicates otherwise.

According to Snopes, “only one member of the Rothschild family is included among Forbes’ 2015 list of the world’s billionaires: Benjamin de Rothschild, who was ranked at number #1121 with a net worth of $1.61 billion.” Yet here are some quick, simple facts that hint at a form of usury that could be underlying the modern world.

From the Rothschild family Wikipedia page:

“January 2010, Nathaniel Philip Rothschild bought a substantial share of the Glencore mining and oil company’s market capitalisation.”

The Glencore Wikipedia page states their revenue is US$215.11 billion. To have the money to buy a “substantial share,” Nathaniel Rothschild alone would have be in the top ten richest people in the world. He is only one of 11 living Rothchilds. Yet in the top ten Forbes list of richest people he is not included.

Husband to Katherine de Rothschild, Marcus Agius, was the former chairman of Barclays, a multinational investment bank worth roughly $1 trillion dollars, the most powerful transnational corporation in the world.  The current Chairman is Nigel Higgens, ex-CEO of Rothschild & Co.

It seems hard to deny that the Rothschilds are far wealthier than is being acknowledged.