Happiness is Racist. Here’s What To Do About It.

I would like to acknowledge this was written on the land of the Neanderthal people.

Mental illness is skyrocketing in the West, while rates in other parts of the world largely remain the same. This in many ways is an unfortunate fact, but if one were to look closely there are many obvious upsides to white unhappiness.

It is saddening to consider what happiness implies. Our culture and people live at the expense of others, and in a truly just society, those who live contently would not choose to disregard the hardships of minorities at the hands of whites. To enjoy one’s privilege is a privilege in itself, and celebrating it equates to emotional exploitation. Perhaps this can be likened to that of a king who has a banquet of exotic food to choose from every night, while the citizens of the kingdom eat potatoes and small rocks for dinner.

Yes, white people are guilty. This does not vary. They could be activists in minority communities. They could be putting their life on the line to deliver food to children in the Congo. Yet their entire being is founded on the tears of others, the very privilege that allowed them to become who they are. Not to mention the white savior complex, a racist mental condition in which whites imagine themselves as do-gooders who want to rescue others from their inferior circumstances.

And how do we represent happiness? Perhaps the Smile is long overdue for critical analysis.

Smiling has always been problematic in the arena of social activism. Feminism understood this in that it rejects the notion women are obliged to Smile by a patriarchal system. The Smile has disappeared slowly over time from the faces of women who wanted to convey a particular message: we are not happy. This took multiple waves of feminism to achieve and is indeed one of the greater accomplishments of the century thus far.

Yet the Smile persists in other arenas. The disappearance of the Smile in feminism could equate to not only discontentment with the patriarchy but also systematic racism, but there may need to be some clarification around the matter. A social media campaign of frowning selfies may be a start. But this would still not address the issue of other whites showing off their gleeful expressions online, in the streets, and everywhere we look. Most likely Conservatives.

The road ahead will be long and arduous. Happiness has been part of Western civilization since the beginning of time. It is natural for people of color to attempt to fake happiness as a way of dealing with the difficulties of their reality, but this is a privilege we must not abuse.

Watch this space.

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